AeroVent Roof Vents

Zero Water Penetration in high wind rainstorms

AeroVent is the perfect solution for Florida roofs!


Typical household activities generate moisture that can damage attic rafters, insulation and, ultimately, the roof-especially during winter when homes are usually closed up tight. Likewise, in the summer, heat build-up in an attic can speed the cracking and deterioration of wood and shingles, also shortening the life of your roof.


Roof vents are usually installed to provide ventilation.  However, in heavy, high-wind rainstorms, these vents leak and can cause major damage to your attic and the ceilings in your home.


Unlike conventional can, gooseneck or off-ridge vents, AeroVent is a patent-pending desight that is aerodynamic and allows even hurricane-force winds to flow over its surface because there is no leading edge opening. AeroVent is designed to ventilate just as efficiently as any other vent, but it does not allow water to get inside the roof and cause damage.  For more information on this, see the page Why AeroVent? for more details.


Approved for use throughout Florida including high wind areas. Florida Product Approval #FL26913